A Selection of Vegetables

Must I admit that as a child I was a very fussy eater. It was not only Meat but Veg as well... It did cause trouble to my Mum to work out what I would eat and would not. Give or take the Vegetables I would eat willingly were Peas, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes and Potatoes. Sometimes Green Beans, the Fine ones were fine enough and soft enough, but for the rest it was poo-poo to my point of view. Then I was doing the pouting or eating  but throwing up afterwards in the toilet when I couldn't eat something properly.

Sweetcorn Cobs in their Husks Edited.JPG

Sweetcorn was a firm preferance because it was small enough for me to eat and swallow especially in tins. However I grew up and can eat a cob little chunks by little chunks.

I was sent to a kind of Boot Camp with other children for a couple of weeks in the Auvergne Mountains because I was suffering from anemia along with most of the other kids. It was arranged by the College Cachin who identified the children who would most benefit with such a school trip. Now let me tell you one thing you don't mess about with people who live on a mountain range. If you don't eat your meal, you will get it the following day during a long hard walk climbing a mountain, stuffed cold within a foil parcel. Of course I refused to eat my Caulifower and Cheese by pride when it was presented to me during the stop on the tough walk. But I was safe, I had a tough guide by me to make sure I would carry on. He offered me half of a Tomato once in a while during the walk back and down with a little bit of Sea Salt upon it. Tomatoes have ever since been my favourite Veg except that it can classify as a Fruit. 

Fresh Plum Tomatoes.jpg

Tomatoes, I love them to bits.

Then the good old Cauliflower was served back to me at the Chalet when the other kids who did eat their meals the previous night had a new Dinner to be enjoyed. So I understood that if I didn't eat I will see it again and again and again. I was too exhausted by the walk up and down the mountain to argue. So I ate it. And then I gave a go again to all the Veg I disliked and it felt like a revelation. Ever since I have been trying and tasting all my Veg...


To the humble Cauliflower, to this day who taught me to stop being fussy.

Loving gardening since Childhood, even if I can't call myself to have proper Green Fingers because I do have failures at times, I can say that I definitely have the Gardening Bug. Like many Chidren, at school, they made grow some Cress in Eggs'Shell and I adored that project. Ever since if I have space however small I do grow something, either Plants, Flowers, Fruits and Veg.


Growing Cress on the Window Sill.

A Selection of Squashes
A Selection of Salad Leaves.
Peppers and Chillies
A Selection of Peppers and Chillies
A Selection of Tomatoes
A Selection of Cabbages
A Selection of Mushrooms
A Selection of Onions
Beans, Peas and Pulses
A Selection of Beans and Pulse
A Selection of Grains