A Selection of Beans, Peas and Pulses

Beans, Peas, and Pulses have a stapple throughout history to the diet of many. For example Beans were found in tombs of the Kings of ancient Egypt. They present to the Pharaohs to transport so they eat in their afterlives. Aegan, Iberia, and Transalpine Europe used Beans since 4000 years. The Native American also planted together what is called 'The three Sisters' which are: Corn, Bean and Squash for generations and generations.

Borlotti Beans.jpg

Borlotti Beans from my Garden.

When I grew up, I hated Green Beans with almost a passion finding them to filandrous but now in my adult life since I grow them things have changed. I do like them and has no distate for them any longer. I find very nice as a side with Fish for exmple.

Sain's Fine Beans 2 Edited.JPG

Fine Green Beans. They also very nice in Salads.

As for peas I always like them for they easy to eat but they have sweetness about them which I love lot. They are versatile: you can eat them like that fresh from the pod. But you can cook them and do Peit Pois à la Francaise. Eat them in aSalad, Purée them or do Mushy Peas.

Garden Peas.JPG

Garden Petit Pois, you can sauté them with a little chopped Spring Onions in Salted Butter.

Then they are the pulses. During my childhood we often had Puy lentils which was another one of my pet hate. The problem here was that I did find them too floury for my taste. However as your taste buds change throughout one's life, mines did so. But I do my Lentils in different way than the ones of my mother which was just boiled in water. I do mines with either Chicken Stock or Vegetable Stock, add diced Carrots, and render on the side in a Frying Pan with a little Salted Butter, some chopped Shallots and Lardons with on occasion some sliced Button Chestnut Mushrooms. It can be a Lunch on its own or a very good substantial side for Dinner time. 


Puy Lentils. You have to soak them overnight if you want to use them the following day. But some do get tins instead or nowadys there are Microwave Packets on Supermarkets shelves.

A Selection of Beans
A Selection of Peas
A Selection of Pulses