Our Tang-Tang is a Cat with a difference as per say because she is so intelligent that she can trick us, many times. One day I was working on a Birthday Cake for my Partner, from a Nigella Lawson recipe  of a Chocolate and Liquorice Cake topped with Blackcurrants. I had to let the Butter at room temperature so I could work with it in an easy fashion. Tang looked fast asleep on the Kitchen stool, however as soon as I was gone to fetch the other Ingredients in the pantry, she was on the counter licking the Butter. This is the kind of Tang you are facing with. Trust me I bought a covered Butter dish the following day for it was safer that way.

Diced Butter.JPG

Butter left to soften a little is easier when you do Cakes or Pastries to work with. So to leave the Butter out of the fridge for a bit before preparing some Cakes is quite necessary.

Tang-Tang was an outdoor Cat for three to four years of her life until she was trained to be an indoor Cat. You see when I met my Partner, he had three Cats all with the habit of going outdoors while I had two Cats having known only to live indoors. When the penny kind of dropped is that Tango and Pepsi were bringing back Frogs, and Birds within the house on a very regular basis. I nearly stepped upon a Toad going down the stairs once because it was left there by one of his Cats, as the creature was alive and still fit, I did put it back in the pond. As for a baby Sparrow I rescued it in the Kitchen and wanted to save it but I did fail. The little Bird staid alive for only three days. I bought all the Bird gear I could even the wormies to feed it but but the poor creature passed away nonetheless. It was heartbreaking.

Fluffy baby sparrows on a twig.JPG

 Baby Sparrows upon our Raspberries Bush. Our population of Sparrows has grown since we kept the Cats indoors since 2014.

Tango is a rescued Cat from the RSPCA. She and her sister Pepsi were adopted by my Partner about three years before I met him. Tang was already mischievous. She tore apart curtains and letters coming through the letter box. When I did get to know her she was a rather independant Cat enjoying the great outdoors, strolling the streets of the neighbourghood. The Neighbours knew her by heart. They did on occasion Pet Sitting for her and Pepsi.


Tango and Pepsi sharing a box. They loved (Pepsi passed away) whenever we received a delivery because they did get to play or even sleep within them. We have a peculiar call when we have a parcel which is 'Girls, Bo-Box'. And here they come straight away like it does make their day.

During one storm she went missing for a couple of days. A kind neighbour handed her back to us, saying that he found her in his garage, under his car just after the storm. She was worst for wear, dirty as hell. She stayed at home for one day or two recovering before venturing out again.

Big Clearence Day.JPG

Tang helping us clearing the mess from the storms by clogging the boxes with her cute self. At least we got her back.

But Tang had a habit of coming back home around seven PM when we were there back from work. Expecting her meal and resting peacefully with us. But on an April warm day she didn't come back home at the right time. Being a writer, I tend to write during the night so as my desk was near the Cat flap I was waiting for her with worry and impatience. But around three AM Tango came through and headed straight to the kitchen. In my happiness, I went there to check upon her.

Tang and the Pancake Batter Bowl - Copy.jpg

The Kitchen is a safe place for Tang-Tang. She does go there very often for a good nap in the batter's bowl.

I picked her up in my arms, but from her slight hiss, I knew she was not okay. Tang is very friendly and doesn't hiss unless there is a real problem. I did put her back on the floor only to notice that her front paw was bleeding and that she could not walk properly. Then it was a trip to the Vet and an X-Ray which revealed to us that she had a Snake bite which went through to a couple of her toes. She must have encountered the only Snake in Watford the Vet said, but Tang did and was lucky to be alive. Otherwise she would have been swallowed whole and still alive inside the stomach of the Snake... But she made it back home.


Tang-Tang has nine Cat's Lives I swear.

From then on we decided to keep Tang and Pepsi to be Home Cats solely to be protected. It was then that we created the Cat's TV, a place in the Garden by a window where we would feed the Birds to entertain the Cats stuck at home which were used to go outdoors. It worked so much and for the better. Not only our Cats were safer but the Wildlife also and blossomed as per say in our Garden. Not only that we became Bird Watchers, my Partner and I, joining together the RSPB.

Mr White the Rock Dove.JPG

Our Garden Rock Doves are of lots of different colours. They are not what we call the standard Pigeons.

So Tang and Pepsi became a trigger to repopulate the population of Sparrows at least in Bushey, without knowing it. As for Tang she adapted well to the new situation. But she slept a lot more at that time before becoming less independant and more relient on us to give her entertainment. 

The Tang sleeping by the keyboard.jpg

Tang sleeping on my writing desk.

Toys became a big part of it, play towers and the Egg which is from Whiskas and we can put treats within it so she has to paw the Egg in order to release a treat: Ingenious. But she also do enjoy watching TV and computer screens which is quite funny. One day I was cooking in the Kitchen, while watching 'Most Haunted', Tang was fascinated by it. She was watching it upon one of the Kitchen stools. Then when I touched her she jumped as if she was spooked understunding that what she was seeing on the TV was a bit scary. It was funny but not funny at the same time.  Tang got startled so focused she was on that program. Yvette Fielding on and off screams didn't help to the tention upon my Tang.

The what are you watching.jpg

Tang watching screens. She can follow a curser with her paws. Or she can watch anything we do watch on a big screen or a small one. She is always interested. Especially if you put SpringWatch on from the BBC.