From growing cress in an eggshell who had a big smiley drawn upon it as a kid to growing different varieties of tomatoes nowadays, the gardening bug never left me. I love the satisfaction of being able to pick up my own culinary herbs from the pots kept on the patio. There is an old adagio which says that nothing tastes better than something home grown, I tend to agree with that. Although we are not totally self reliant, our small patio garden gives us the joy of the seasons from the first strawberries in the spring to the butternut squashes and pumpkins in the autumn passing by our summer fiery chilli peppers. The beauty of gardening allows you to try varieties that supermarkets just simply don't sell very often or not at all from heritage carrots to black tomatoes. There is also the magic of seeing a simple seed rewarding you with so much.

Home grown Cheyenne Chilli peppers
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