About Caring for Wildlife in the Garden

When you have the luck to have a garden, a balcony, or a windowsill magic happens. You can care for nature and nature will come to you. I have not the infuse science of a David Attenborough or Jane Goodall. I am just an observer of my little patch.

Collared dove and starlings.JPG

 Collared Dove and young Starlings on the feeding table.

Back in the days we had up to eight cats. They were roaming and hunting. One unfortunatly got run over by a car. She made it back home our poor Pepsidou. But one of her back legs had to be amputated. The following week our Tang Tang must have found the only snake in Watford and had a very bad bite which broke her paw.


Pepsidou after her accident, still playing happily.

So we decided to keep our cats indoors to keep them safe. But we created cat TV... It was a concept to keep the cats entertained indoors. We just fed the birds and other animals in our garden in front of the windows for the cats to stay happy. It did work. 


The birth of Cat TV, a simple slate on the ground with bread and seeds to attract the Birds.

I can't tell you enough that this little project brought back nature in our garden. We didn't find a frog on our stairs in the morning because of one of the cats or a baby sparrow in the kitchen barely alive. Life did spring back in the garden. 

Three Little Birds.JPG

Our Sparrows.

We have Starlings which are not migrating any longer. We have Sparrows aplenty. A vixen decided to do her den underneath our trees and three cubs. Frogs help us gardening by eating the slugs so our lettuce are intact. Our garden is untidy, but it is alive. Flowers, wild life, vegetables, butterflies, bees, it is our little natural reserve.

Butterfly 2019.JPG

Our Butterflies. We have different sort.

Make sure of a couple of things or a little more: 

*Do not use Pesticide.

*Use the Ecosystem, Nature will return.

*Know your Animals and be kind to them, they will come to you.

*Feed them and give them water in their time of need or always.  They will never leave.

Last but not least enjoy your garden. 

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