Our Collared Doves from the Garden. One year we add up to seven at any one time coming to feed on the Bird Table, now it is three (2022). The resident couple and their last year young that is now a young adult but is tagging along with the parents.

One matter of fact is that having a Garden allows one to be closer to nature a little. We do not use pesticide in ours since a very long time, years, and it is ever so thriving with life ever since. We also do feed our animals which does help to have many coming back to us on a regurlar basis. From our resident Birds, passing by our Vixen and her Cubs, to our Squirrels and Frogs, the Wildlife here is ever so entertaining to watch.

Squirrel 2019.JPG

We have 4 Squirrels here in the Garden in our trees: One is called Chestnut, the others are Hazelnut, Peanut and Nutty. They are a joy to watch for they are very Bubbly Characters.

Some may thing of them as pests or a nuisance but we don't. The Squirrels are mischevious, yes, but to kill them for it is cruel in my point of view. We live with them perfectly well and still do have a Garden. We feed them Peanuts, Fruits like Blueberries, Hazelnuts and other Nuts and Suet Fat. They do have their habits  of hiding the Nuts as per say for rainy days, so they can disturb some flower pots and early planting scheme we have for the year ahead, but protecting the pots can be done by cloches and or getting small polytunnel, but also to leave a pot with just Earth for the Squirrels usage only.

Somehow Squirrel did happen no iris....JPG

As they don't eat the flower bulbs those can easily be replanted.

I always find Spring an excitting season for it is the mating and breeding season. This is the time when you have a vibrant collection of new babies coming to the fore: The Season of the Fledglings. This year (2022), we have many, it started with the Blue Tits, now it is the Robins, the Magpie is feeding and so are two couples or Starlings, maybe three.

Baby Blue Tit 2022 Spring.JPG

This year (2022) Baby Blue Tit, now about 2 months old.

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It is all about Nature in the Garden.