About Growing Vegetables

One of the little joy during my life has been the pleasure to grow Vegetables, Trees, Bushes and Plants. The satisfaction you do get from pulling a Carrot from the ground, is when you feel like asking nonchalantly like Bugs Bunny: 'What's Up Doc?'.

As per say, growing Vegetables does not seem like Rocket Science. Yet I would advise you to think again on that one. There are a lot of considerations to be taken. It can start from the very PH of your Soil which can curb or promote the growth of the Plant. Not all Veg do like an Acidic Soil for example. Therefore you must know the PH of your patch before trying to grow anything upon it. It is better for the Veg but also it will prevent bitter disappointment later.

Potatoes 1.JPG

One manner to control the PH situation is to plant in Veg bags or planters then you can choose the right soil for your Veg. Potatoes grown in Veg bags. It was King Edward and Baby New Potatoes that year.

Another important aspect to consider is to determine the direction of your Garden, patio, front Garden, back Garden and even Balcony. Is it facing North, South, East, West, then North East or North West etc. It is a fine tunning Compass time which will allow you to know what to grow where in your Garden. Not all Plants are desperately Sun loving and do very well in shaddy areas. So it is always good to get informed. But also mentionning the grow bags again they can easily be moved to the right spot at any one time which is highly convenient to find the right spot for your Vegetables.

Red Spring Onions.JPG

 We add to move our Red Spring Onions a fair few times before finding the right place for them to be succesful.

There is something worth to mention about Vegetables and some which in reality are Fruits but are considered as Veg like the Tomatoes can be also not only nutritious but also very nice to look at in ones Garden, Patio, or Balcony. Chillies for exemple make very decorative house Plants. Hanging Basket of Tomatoes are also a lovely addition to agreement a wall as well as being useful. Most Vegetables do bestow flowers which are not only attractive to us but also the Pollinators which we always need in one's Garden.

Bumblebee Tomatoes (2).JPG

 Bumblebee Tomatoes Hanging Basket pretty and practical.

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