Ingredients, their qualities and origins are important in my household. We are also growing our own ingredients when we can with the space we have. It allows to have more choice on varieties of fruits and vegetables but also control over being organic. I remember searching for fresh oregano and only finding it in one supermarket among many one day. Growing your own allows you to supply your own ingredients which you love and enjoy most straight from your garden. It also enables you to taste a black tomato which has won a RHS price the previous year and understand why. There is a bit of magic in producing your own ingredients, which simply relies on a bit of sun, the right soil, a bit of water, a bit of knowledge and a bit of care. Then if you can stretch the life of your garden produce in any way possible so the entire year is always bountiful, you will have a smile on your face arriving Winter when you take your own chillies from the freezer to make a proper warming chilli con carne. One other thing: never listen to anyone who says you can not grow something somewhere. If you make the conditions right, you can. Just a stroll in Kew Garden will teach you that.
This section will speak about the ingredients I use in my cooking and those which I grow. 

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