A Selection of Shellfish and Seafood

The Treasure that the Seas and Oceans does offer is something to treasure and to cultivate and to not over used. It is to be utilised properly, and not to over flow with platic wastage. Well under the cover of the waves Seafood filters pollution within their bodies and they do filter our own pollution by consuming it. This is a sad state of affair so we must be ever so careful with our Sea life. But as a Sea Side girl I will always protect the Sea side but always eat in a reasonable way Seafood. 


Cockles. A Delicacy to my liking which I used to fish with my Dad and Mum during my chilhood.

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My little Bro and Myself in the early 1980'ties and if you can spot the grey spots in the Channel a pod of Dolphins...  We fished for Crabs, Prawns, Winkles, Lobsters, Limpets, Cockles, Scallops, Shrimps, Razor Clams, Mussels, Oysters and Clams whenever we had a big low tide during a Weekend. It was only for our own family comsumption: Just grazing never Commercial.


Fresh Oysters. Simply served with Lemon.

The rocks by Gatteville and Barfleur will always remain enbedded in my memory. There is a particular rock, rather black which almost looked liked a house with stairs that we kept playing upon. It was rather smooth battered by the rising waves during every tide and the rising Sea levels which claim a bit of coastland one bit at a time throughout centuries and storms. Little did I know at that time, that the Black Prince came to Barfleur who was a big town in the Medieval period, during the 100 years war and burnt Barfleur down. From a major port it is now one of the prettiest village in France. I swear there is a lot of Archaelogical work to be done in that area. However it will have to be done with the tide so a short amount of time to deal with but it can be done. In my childhood I saw a hinge of a door upon what I thought was a rock but in fact it was the remnant of a Medieval house. The past grabbed slowly by the sea. 


Barfleur nowadays.

To go back to our Cockles, Clams and Seafood it is important to preserve all of it but to enjoy it in a respectful enduring way. We don't want to miss a dish like Spaghetti Alle Vongole in Venice any time soon. So respecting the sea is a must and whenever a Trump or a Boris Johnson sign to allow big industrials to throw their waste at Sea, Oceans and Rivers the Earth is losing its assets for all of us. Have you ever heard of food poisoning? Have you suffered from it at one point in your life? To be truly honest, I have a map of the currents in the Channel dating back from 1835 which belonged to the French Philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville. The poison coming from deregulation in England will destroy the French coastline within years.

But let us just believe for one minute that us as humans we will still enjoy Seafood as we used to without any harm for our health and that Shellfish will never be overfished...

A ray of hope, maybe, is preserving our coastline and our Seafood.

Cockles Meat.JPG

 Cockles Meat. Pickled it will last.


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