Baking Methods

There are two schools of thoughts about baking. One is that you have to be to the perfect gram and millitre to get everything right and perfect. The rule rules as per say.  My advice on that is if classic do work all the better. However imagination, creativity, or even mistakes can bring about a new classic. One exemple is the famous Tarte Tatin... Being stuck in a rut can works and be extremelly pleasing, but being a little adventurous can bring you to new realms of discovery. Baking is neither a set rule of thumb or a gold law set in marble. Like life it is ever moving. Like life it should be enjoyed. 

Lime Meringue Pie.

If we take the picture above of a Lime Meringue Pie, done in my humble kitchen, we can reflect of the history of Meringue assiociated as a covering for a Pie of fruits of some kind or another. The question is like good old Shakespeare could claim in a theatrical way 'To be or not to be?'. With a giggle I would ask is an apple allowed to be covered by a Meringue, is a Lemon allowed to take the centre of the pie golden throne of this luscious blanket or does a bitter Lime could take the main stage for that method and become in its own right the Key Lime Pie?


Little Citrus Gems, Limes.

The Three T's Test, Taste and Trials replies to those questions. Historicaly, the recipe was done and created around the mid 1700 and it kept evolving from then on. It all started with apples in France. But it evolved into so many nice versions in the US with citrus fruits.

The point here is that Baking is creating, it can be by purpose and sheer will or by mistakes but the fact is you can't dismiss it until you try it and furthermore, your own taste may not rule one or the other. This will be the Three C's: Considaretion, Care and Coeur (Coeur which means heart in French).

But then it comes with the freedom of choice and one could become a home family favourite. Of course classics can't be discarded but it doesn't mean that they can't evolve at one point or another. One shall not rule out the other because for a world to go round and smooth everyone up,  Freedom should be there to create it and let their hearts pouring out.

Carrot and Walnut Cake.jpg

Carrot and Walnut Cake.

Baking is a method of cooking which usually means have your cake and eat it. It is the treat, sometimes done for a celebration, festive, a birthday or a tea party or during the festive season or when you receive friends or relatives you do care a lot for. 


Tea parties Catering.

Therefore special attention is given to the conception of the treat. Think just of a Wedding Cake for Crying sex out Loud... Giggle!  And then you get to repeat a little Baking Do at the Birthdays of every little ones...


The Banana, Chocolate, Raisin and Rum Loaf Cake.

Baking can be ruling in a sort of way like the 'Quatre Quarts' Loaf cake with equal amount of eggs, flour, sugar and butter. Pretty decent job, yes, I will agree. It works. But you can easily take it to fruity level or boozy one and bring a better smile on everyone's faces doing so. It could be a 'Oh! You soaked the raisins with rum first, I do like it, I really do. I must try that'... If food is pleasure as much as fuel for the body I did achieve that that day for someone.


A Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake.


Only the Candles need to decorate the Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake after the Chocolate napping. However you can always go wild and add Chocolate Shavings, and chopped Hazelnuts as well to take it to another birthday level...

Baking is a very satisfying activity but also it does give pleasure to someone unexpectedly: My 45 th Birthday Blueberry Muffin done by my Man welcoming me back from hospital. Little gesture that means a lot. He knew I couldn't eat a great deal of a lot that day but still, I did have my little Muffin of a Cake. He knows by heart I love Blueberries and Blackcurrants by the fuss I make when he nicks my jams of them instead of using his favourite ones Marmalade and the Raspberry ones. We could sing song the Sonny and Cher 'I got you Babe' together, that is for sure. LOVE. See the link to listen to the song.

I got you Babe song.

45 Birthday the Blueberry Muffin.JPG

 My Birthday Blueberry Muffin not bad for someone who only mainly cook Chilli Con Carne.

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