Proofing is a baking technique which has been created ages ago however giggling or not giggling I was only introduced to it in Pizza Hut during my early years when I was saving money to go to university. Yes this was done in an almost an industrial scale because you had to feed lots of people. Getting everything ready for the buffet, for the Friday night, the Saturday night, the Sunday lunch, it was not alarm bells but we were truly on our feet and speeding.

Pizza Naan 2.JPG

The Pizza Naan.

However the proofing was always done with great planning and time. It was treating the dough like a baby and let it grow to be pitch perfect. The stand and deliver of your product required time but also perfect condition. When you learn the basics you can be creative with them and take them a step further like the Pizza Naan for example which we often do in this house on Saturday night.

Beef Pizza Naan.jpg

Beef Pizza Naan.

I have always been ever since interested in proofing. It has been to the point of wanting to create my own culture of yeast. The scent of your own bread fills your home with the aroma of home sweet home. And if you are keen on the history of words 'Companion' means the person, the friend you are sharing the bread with.

Stilton and Bacon Share Bread 3.jpg

Bacon and Stilton Share Bread.

Making your own bread is somehow an ancient and artistic art which fill up your heart with a sense of comfort. Therefore mastering proofing is a good idea, it feels like going back to the roots of humanity, sharing and everything.

Kneading the bread dough.JPG

 Kneeding the Dough.

Sometimes this process can be repeated a few times. But it is a good exercise if you don't want bingo wings. Good bread and good arms and we only need a good heart to share our efforts.

Let the dough rise and let your heart rise in the same time. 


Dough seasoned with Aromatic herbs, covered with cling film, left at room temperature.

You also have the power to make the Dough, Your Dough, whilst Proofing it to be flavoursome. Add a bit of chopped herbs, depending on how you want to use your Dough, or even other ingredients of your choice during the second proofing. It will infuse your Dough with aroma. Thinking of doing Pizza dough and giving it a little Italian Twist about it, I do like using chopped Rosemary and Thyme. The scent of being by the Med' Sea peacefully listening to the waves while the Dough is proofing to do a nice Calzone later on for dinner.


Rosemary is a very useful aromatic herb to grow in a garden or on a window sill. Easy to do. Lots of rewards flavourwise.


Lemon Thyme, another very nice herb to grow in one's garden.

Then there is the moment of truth and you can feel it with the tip of your fingers. Your Dough is ripe and ready to be dealt with for the final steps that will give you your meal. The Dough should be soft like the best matress but not too moist. It should be easy to stretch to the way you want it. A little tip is to use flour or cornflour on the board to make the Dough easier to shape. But be carefull to not add either of those in great quantity. You just want your Dough to be manageable but you do not want to add too much flour to it.


The rested Dough ready to be dealt with. Muscle's working out for a delicious finish off.

A Dough raising is also raising your spirits up: A bread or a meal is on its way. The art and craft of it all is to reach the finishing line. That Dough ball ended up in a very satisfying Calzone. And I will be singing again: 'When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, it's Amore'.

My Amore this time was a Calzone... Tipitipita, that's Amore... So do a Dough Deal, try making some and play with it like play Dough and enjoy it.


 A little fulfilling Calzone. Dough is a pleasure zone for taste buds.