Kiki, 8 years old.

Kiki is our youngest Pet, aged 8. She is a long hair Black Beauty like her father was (Berlioz).

She is a rather aloof Cat and you must not walk next to her without socks otherwise your ankles will be having a fairly rough time. You will also know all of a sudden how to dance the jig or the Riverdance, but also swear like a French Sailor...

This made her be dubbed as the 'Gremlin': Never stroke her after midnight kind of thing.

She is friendly when she wants to, a little like my Mother, and it is the leave me alone most of the time. Putting words into physicality, I could hear her say just like my Mum: 'Yes, I am alright, I don't want to talk, get on with it, I am okay. I am not affectionate.' The reluctant cat to be hugged, kissed or petted.