A Selection of Culinary Herbs

Herbs are a deliciously Aromatic way to elevate a dish. If I may be honest during my childhood my Mum didn't use much Herbs in her cooking. It was more or less chopped Parsley in there or chopped Chives in here. Those actually are two herbs I do use a lot in my cooking by the way. What is the old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree?

Curled Parsley.jpg

Curly Parsley growing happily in a corner of my patio.

Parsley which I am growing but also part drying is my go to Herb of choice. Curly or flat, I just like it. However if I may say: you do learn from experience that this is better for this or this is better with that, but from experience as well you can try and taste what suits you. For example Curly Parsley which I like a lot is rather said to be for decoration only... There I feel like stamping my feet and say: 'Pardon me!'. Anyhow curly Parsley has taste as much as flat leaves Parsley.

Flat Leaf Parsley Edited.JPG

Flat leaves Parsley which I also grow.

The appeal of Parsley of any sort is its versatility. However everything is due to our ability or our disability to pair things together... Lamb+ Mint Sauce = Good Match... So we do tend to stick with one pairing and stop trying afterwards: 'Stuck in a Rut'. But Lamb goes well with Rosemary as well...

Leg of Lamb 1.JPG

 Lamb Leg with Rosemary and Garlic ready to go in the oven.

In per say the world of Herbs is a world of opened doors. Try what suits your palate and be adventurous. But you can still keep the old classic in your culinary repertoire... All is up to you...


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