Home grown Chives.

Chives have a mild Onion flavour which is perfect for many dishes. It is a Herb which is wide spead around the world. French do consider it as a Fine Herb. Chives possess multiple uses which does begin in the very Garden. It does attract Pollinators like Bees and Bumblebees but does detract over insects from the plants of your Garden. This is a positive because Chives help your Garden to thrive. Hence pairing Chives with another plant in the same pot or the same area is a good idea.

Chives in Flowers and Mint Edited 2017.jpg

 Mixed Herbs Pot with flowering Chives, Spearmint and Rosemary.

It is an ever so useful culinary Herb. I can only advise for anyone who has a little space to grow some Aromatic Herbs for your own consumption. There is something also rewarding that no fertiliser or pesticide was used in your garden: you do know your products from A to Z= SAFE.

Chive Flowers.JPG

Chives Flowers gives a touch of light purple in a garden but are also edible.

The Chives Flowers are not only pretty and attracting Bees, you can also eat them. They do make a lovely and flavoursome decoration upon a dish: A Salad, a Starter... To infinity and Beyond...

To infinity and Beyond from Toy Story, Disney, Pixar.

To go to infinity let us give you ideas how to use the subtle onion flavour of Chives. Of course it will come with the start of the day and Breakfast. Scrambled Eggs with chopped Chives: It certainly Jazzes up the Egg mix for the day...

Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong Song.

Chive is an Aromatic Herb that keeps giving at any time. For Breakfast you can even add some shaving of Truffle in your scrambed Eggs with that flavoursome Herb. As for a Brunch I would go for Eggs Benedict with a decoration on the top with finely chopped Chives. It is just delish.

Variety of Eggs.jpg

Chives do enhance well Eggs.

But it is not only Eggs that Chives work well with: Fish is another pairing for that Herb to not be ignored. The fact is Chives do have that gentle and not overpowering Onion flavour. This means that other ingredients on a plate can be enhanced by it but not overpowered by it. It is like composing a melody which is balanced. Let us think for Lunch to have lightly Smoked Salmon Fillets with a little chopped Chives under the grill.

Ready to go under the the grill.jpg

Chopped Chives go very well with Fish.