Cheese and Bacon on Toast.

Begger's wonder what happens at Home when I am in Hospital to my Man, my main worry is thus: is he eating? When I am Home but too ill to leave the bed, I am concerned that my Partner isn't cooking for himself when I can't do so for us... I asked him the question one day and what I was afraid to hear happened. He replied: Rich Tea Biscuits, M&Ms, Peanuts, and Chocolate when there is some but also Toast with Peanut Butter. All that consumption was his diet but all items were not ingested in the same day which was even more worrying.  

Therefore I told him to eat better than that and not just child grub. But another demand from my part was for me to be reassured that he had eaten properly when I had to go to Hospital to take pictures of his meals. One picture he showed me later on was this one below:

Man's food 2.JPG

Cheese on Toast with Bacon Rashers.

This was better, it reassured me a little. But it did make me realise that I may have to teach my Partner a few key easy to make recipes to do when I can't do so, but he can reproduce for himself. So it looks much more appetising for him, this is my aim. Giving him lots of ideas to eat better when he is on his own. 

Cheese on Toast.jpg

My own Cheese and Toast which I do at home which my Partner loves which is just Welsh Rarebit.

So I need to teach him how to do Welsh Rarebit. First it will be to his satisfaction because my Man loves his Bread and Cheese. Instead of using soft Bread to use proper nice thick slices of Sourdough Bread and to grill them on both side first or frying pan toast them in some Garlic Butter. Another little point is just to serve the Welsh Rarebit with a little Salad of some sort like a little Bistro Salad, with a little Mustard and Rapeseed Oil Dressing. He doesn't have to physically do the Salad and the Dressing, he can just buy them in a shop and open a packet of Salad, open up a lid for the pre made Dressing and put A+B together. (But also it will make him eat some healthy greens when I am not there...)


 There are also so many pre made Salads upon the supermarkets shelves that he does like for example the classic Ceasar Salad which can do a nice Lunch for him.

Another picture I saw from him, to ressure me, was a Dinner he did for himself, which was dare I say a signal to me about his preferences: Sausages and Tomatoes. This I knew but to see the pick was a tell tale of what he could do on his own with them.

Man's food 1.JPG

 Frankfurter Sausages and Cherry Tomatoes with chopped Parsley.

I will say this was not a bad attempt to feed oneself with more than just Biscuits. The Sausages came from a tin and the Cherry Tomatoes and the Sausages went all in a boiling pan for 5 minutes. I need to find him a jazzed up recipe with easy to cook Sausages with Tomatoes which is not really hard to do, and because he does like his Bacon as well, I am thinking how fast it is to do a full English Breakfast which could be so very satisfying for him...

Enlish Breakfast.jpg

 Sausages, Bacon Rashers, Tomatoes, Fried Eggs, Baked Beans, Sautéed Mushrooms, an English Breakfast would be a perfect Brunch or Lunch for him with his morning Esspresso.

I know he can do it but he is always worried about the time so I have to show him that it is neither tedious nor too long to do. 

Coming back from hospital again (03/2022), my Man proudly showed me his exploit to proove me that he did eat something when I wasn't there. Of course it did involve Bacon and Butter. But this time Waffles were used... I do like Waffles a lot and always keep a pack at home. 

Bacon on waffles.JPG

Unsmoked Bacon from the Farm upon buttered Waffles with a splash of Ketchup. At least he did eat something.

A few years later my health degraded further therefore my Man became my carer. I must confess that my legs are hurting and they can give way under me at any time. Hence his repertoire did increase following my instructions when I couldn't make it to the Kitchen. To teach him to make a Stir Fry was rather enjoyable to watch on a seat beside him to guide him all along.