Honey Jar.

With an Uncle that does produce Honey and a Partner that eats Honey upon Toasts like there is no day after tomorrow of course I do like my Honey very much so.

Throughout history Honey has been saught after by Humans, Animals, Insects and Winnie the Pooh but let us not forget Paddington Bear... (giggle for the last two Characters). In Antiquity Honey was not only used for its nutritional value but also for its medical properties as an antibacterial agent but then they would say that Honey did help to heal a wound.

The medical history of Honey that helps to soothe the skin is so embedded that we can encounter many body washing or hands soaps products in lots of supermarkets shelves. The skin is one part of the body where Honey can help but it is only the tip of the iceberg, the surface of how Honey is useful.

Honey Hand Soap.JPG

If Honey is useful for skin care an I phone is useless...

For a cold, I always go for Lemon and Ginger Tea with a spoonful or two of Honey, and it feels a little like an old Wife's tale, a Mum's good advice or the wisdom of a Grandmother. 


Lemon, Turmeric and Honey Infusion.

Now there are different kinds of Honey out there which differ mainly by where the Bees have been harvesting their Pollen. It gives the Honey a distinct flavour, its cachet of origin as per say.


 A Honey Bee.

For my part I tend to like mainly Woodland types of Honey, Pine flavoured ones. However I am absolutely not partial to Heather Honey, and Orange Blossom Honey because I like them both. In the kitchen I also do appreciate Honey for its glazing value and the refined flavour it can give to a piece of Meat like a joint/shoulder of Pork.

Roast Pork.JPG

Cracling of a Shoulder of Pork rendered with Honey.