Growing Salad Leaves

We have been growing Salads for a little while now (about a decade now). Initially it was hard because the Garden was plagued with slugs. My partner tried the slug pellets. It didn't have much effect to be honest and also I wanted us to be the full wack organic and ecologist in the way we delt with the Garden. It meant no pesticide and no fertilisers full of chemicals.

Instead we introduced Frogs and Ladybirds. Our weather is rather wet and grey which is rather a paradise for slugs and snails but not for our Salads being eaten by them before we could do so. But put a Frog in the equation and the slug dilemma was solved shortly afterwards.

Prince Charming Frog.jpg

One of our many Frogs.

We have been growing throughout a decade many Salads. I must confess that we are going for the classics mainly because we are amateurs and learning as we go along. Little Gem Lettuce is one of our favourite ones to grow. Then I will say it is Chard and Spinach.

Gem Lettuce.JPG

This was Baby Gem Lettuces which opened up faster than expected but were nonetheless very nice.

One we do love to grow again and again for its peppery taste and the shapes of its leaves is the Rocket. We even have a little hanging pot which we keep at home to grow Rocket over and over again. It is tastily handy.

The Rocket Experiment(2).JPG

Rocket growing in the ceramic hanging basket.

Growing Chards