A Selection of Mushrooms

A walk through Woods and Fields can give you a sense of the great array of Mushrooms out there. I always go back to my Childhood but I will still say that foraging for Mushrooms on occasions was quite a fun part of it. Walking upon the either dry Autumn leaves with rusty colours or the very wet ones with our Wellingtons, looking upon half naked Trees with dark glistening bark covered partly with Moss but also at their roots sometimes Mushrooms... 


Mushrooms growing upon a Tree.

Of course we would then go to the Chemist afterwards who would tell us which Mushrooms from our foraging were edible and which ones were not. It was very instructive I must confess: The Chemist pulling a large guide upon Mushrooms and checking every single one of them to make sure our family didn't poison ourselves by mistake.


Poisonous Mushroom.

Till this day I do enjoy Mushrooms eating them but also growing them for I do not have the leisure and pleasure to walk in a Wood any longer very often. I must say the fun of growing edible Mushrooms is quite an experience. It is not that simple and the results can make you giggle if the 'Shrooms' as I call them, don't turn out like the picture perfect supermarket ones.

The Oyster Mushrooms.jpg

My first Oyster Mushrooms. I will not say the experiment at growing them went bonkers... They made it to a very lovely Stir Fry.

There is a soft yet still a meatiness to a Mushroom which I do like. Having difficulty eating, Mushrooms do allow me to 'Beef' up a Dish or a Meal if I may say. They are easy to swallow which is a great plus. For people like me. It is essential to eat in order to be active, Food is the fuel of the body. That said there are times in your life when this can be challenging or it can be from the start. I will say that Mushrooms are a decent subtitute for Meat. Although I am not a Vegetarian, I am just someone with eating difficulties which tried to tackle them all my life.

Spinach and mushrooms lasagne.jpg

Home Made Mushrooms and Spinach Lasagne. Doesn't look much but tasty and nutritious nonetheless.

Mushrooms are Ingredients that I enjoy fully. Simple Sautéed Mushrooms in salted Butter with Shallots, crushed Garlic, Thyme, seasoned are an excellent side especially with Meat like Venison, Beef and Poultry. 

Sautéed Mushrooms 1.jpg

 Sautéing Mushrooms.

The Sautéed Mushrooms can also make a very earthy Bruschetta put upon nice pieces of sliced Bread, preferably Sourdough Bread toasted or grilled, rubbed with a peeled Garlic clove. Then pour your Mushrooms upon the slices of Bread with the melted Butter. It does make a nice Brunch or a casual Starter for a Mid-Week casual Dinner.


Mushroom Bruschetta.

Mushrooms are available all year round but mainly we think of them somehow as representing Autumn. A creamy Mushroom Soup is always a comforting Supper during the cold months. It can be decorated in any way you want, with Sautéed Chanterelles, with Chopped Parsley, may be Chopped Chives, Croutons would be good as well or a nice piece of Bread to dunk into the Soup. It is pure Home Sweet Home: put your slippers on, stay warm and relax.


Cream of Mushrooms Soup with Chanterelles.


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