A Selection of Pork Cuts and Products

Omnivore like us a Pig can eat almost anything. In the Doomsday book, everything was recorded by the Normans up until the last pig and chicken. We are talking of Medieval times here. Pork is a way to feed plenty of people or an army who conquered England. But if the genealogists are correct Elizabeth II, the Queen of England descends from William The Conqueror.

Now it is common knowledge that the whole Pork can be consumed. During my childhood I remember my Mum liking Pig's Trotters a great deal of a lot. My Father favoured a good Pork Chop done in the Normandy style with a Sauce of heavy Creme Fraiche, Cider and Cider Vinegar, served with cooked apples wedges, and Sautéed Mushrooms. My eldest Sister liked Ham in general, smoked to unsmoked but didn't like the fatty rind around the slice of Ham which I ate for her. My little Brother liked his Lardons. And finally I did enjoy Pig's ears from the Charcutery back in the days. However nowadays it is rather Pork Ribs which I devore like a gluton, while my Partner loves his Pork Belly. 

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