The Pork Belly.

This is probably one of my favourite cuts in a Pork. My Man loves it as well due to the fattiness of it. But you have to criss cross the fat in order to render it properly. You can also brine it before cooking it. Or you can slash long lines across it before applying a rub of seasoning to it.

Pork Belly Prepared.JPG

 A prepared Pork Belly.

The seasoning can be just Salt and Pepper and a little Paprika with a little Oil or even Honey. If you are using a Kitchen Brush (mine is a silicone one) you can get your rub into the grooves you made into the Meat in order to give it more flavour.

Pork Belly.JPG

We do buy our Pork from the Farm to help British Farmers.

This Piece of Pork can feed many. You can slowly roast it but still get a heavenly crackling upon it. Another option is to slice it from the get go and cook the individual portions. The choice is really up to you and what you intend to dish out.