A Selection of Berries

Berries are ever so essential in one's diet to get the right amount of Fruits during the day but also apart for their nutritious value, they have a Taste value which can not be neglected. Either tart, acidic or sweet they can make a dish or dessert sing.

Chocolate Raspberry and Almond Cake.jpg

Home Made Chocolate, Raspberry and Almond Cake.

Inserted in a Cake like the above picture for Raspberries which do grow in our Garden, Berries are a very nice Fruits to grow, have and enjoy. We have a massive Raspberry bush which we need to replace unfortunately due to bad weather but we have still lots of frozen Raspberries from it in the freezer.

Raspberries 2.JPG

One of our last Harvest of Raspberries. We always leave a lots for our Birds.

Loganberries will grow alonside the Raspberries in the following years in our Garden. We do have our fair share of Berries and Currants in our little back Garden, from Blackberries to Blueberries passing by Strawberries and Redcurrants. They can be a main show by themselves upon a table or part of one. I will take a few examples starting with Strawberries:

Sain's Brit Strawberries Majestic 7.JPG

Strawberries are of course enjoyed by themselves, with the addition of Sugar and Cream if not eaten in a field.

However they can also be enjoyed with a little fuss done to them: a Strawberry Ice Cream, a Jam, within a Pavlova...

The same goes for the Blackberries which I so enjoyed to pick up from edges: foraging. 



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