A Selection of Redcurrants

Sharp and Tart, redcurrants are little gems upon a Pavlova. As red as a Ruby the Redcurrant is a Gem upon a plate. Our redcurrant bush in the Garden is more than a decade old and still bare fruits. It is a very hard to access area so we mainly leave the Fruits to be eaten by the birds instead of us collecting them by falling inside the pond.

The redcurrants 2.JPG

Our Redcurrant Bush.

I will say this, that our Redcurrant Bush does quite well, being not really cared for being placed in a precarious position for us. It is partly shaded however it does enjoy the morning sun up until roughly 11-12 well midday.Those little nuggets can be enjoyed in many ways from morning up until midnight.

Breakfast: Red Currants and Blood Orange Smoothie, this is pack full of Vitamin C but also Potassium because of the Bananas used for consistancy. This Tart mix is meant to wake you up.

Brunch: Jacket Potatoes and Fruity Coleslaw. If this is fairly different this is nonetheless nice. The Coleslaw need all the attention when the Potato is baking. Made with White Cabbage, grated Carrots, chopped Red Onions, red Apple slices, Redcurrant Jelly, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil, this Slaw packs a healthy Fruity punch.

Lunch: Redcurrants goes really well with many Fish but also many Meat. Upon a bed of White Chicory leaves, Radicchio ones and Lambs Lettuce, add Walnuts and pieces of crumbled Roquefort Cheese. Drizzle some Ancient Mustard (Grain Mustard) Vinaigrette. Spread a Venison Coarse Paté on a slice of Pain de Campagne (Sourdough Bread). Add some caramelised Red Onions upon the slice of Bread, some chopped Chervil and some Redcurrants for their sharp tartness.

Tea Time: There is a quintessential Pudding to be done with many Fruits including Redcurrants, this is the Summer Fruits Pudding. If it is an overload of Fruits, the humble Redcurrant hold her stead by her taste but also by the decorum it can brings.

Canapés: During a Party, Canapés can be either Sweet or Savoury or both. To have the choice is most agreable. A simple yet effective Canapé is poached Pears (Conference Pears or Pear Williams) halves. Proposed in a bath of Spiced Tea (with Cinnamon, Ginger, Star Anis, Cloves, Orange Zest) the Pears have their cores replaced by Redcurrants. It is a sweet treat drizzled with a little Honey.

Starter: A rather Autumnal Starter using Redcurrant Jelly for its Red Wine Vinegar Dressing, is a Salad made of Chiogga and normal Beetroot. It is upon a bed of Rocket Leaves, topped with soft Goat Cheese like Chavroux, and Garlic and Pepper Croutons. This Beetroot Salad is simple and a light Starter for a four course meal.

Fish Course: It is renown that Currants and some Berries with their tartness do accompany well Fish. A Salmon, Mackerel and Trout Terrine, with pockets of Redcurrant and Port Jelly, the entire Terrine wrapped in Smoked Salmon is a festive delight which of course needs to be decorated with dangling pearls of Redcurrants.

Main Course: Redcurrants mixed with Red Wine or fortified Wine works well as a sauce for Gamey Meat, like Pheasant, loin of Venison or even Duck Breasts. Served with Honey roasted Parsnips, Savoy Cabbage with chopped Hazelnuts it is delish.

Side: Red Cabbage can be rendered very festive with the inclusion of Redcurrants, dried Cranberries and Pecan Nuts.

Dessert: As a Fruit Redcurrants are perfect for many Desserts. One of them is a Dark Chocolate, Redcurrants and Hazelnuts Yule Log, it is Christmasy down to a T.

I hope all of the above gave you plenty of ideas to use Redcurrants. Sharp and Tart but also extremelly decorative, Redcurrants are a glorious Fruit to deal with in the Kitchen. 



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