A Selection of Summer Squashes

My Partner does not like anything green particularly but instead he likes everything in any shades of brown... So I am not saying that he is eating just shit that makes him not healthy because as he doesn't cook for himself generally and if he has to do so (when I am in Hospital or too unwell to stand up) it will be toast and butter, maybe with Cheese, sometimes it will be with Honey and sometimes shop bought Pork Pies which h doesn't need to cook. I will look at the ceiling and say nothing apart like a mum to tell her son to eat your greens...



It is all well intended of course. We do want the man to last long and not have a heart and coronary issue down the line at the end of the day. It is a keep him healthy affair to make sure he eats possibly his five a day and Fruit wise. So I introduced him to Summer Squashes but most of them are green...

Just picture someone making a cross sign in front of a Courgette saying desperatly 'Vade Retro Satanas' or something along the lines and you will get me. It is quite funny to be honest but it also reminds me when I was a child with my fussy habit of I can't eat this and I can't eat that without even trying the Food presented to me. I ended up anemic with that stance however I have physiological problems with my oesophagus which means that I can eat Food but mainly in liquid form, minced ones or puréed or cut in very small tiny bits... It is not a big deal, I learnt to deal with it.


Courgette Tart.

One can make lots of Dishes anyhow which can ensure that health is maintained. To speak about our Summer Squashes like the Courgettes or Zucchinis I do love them because of their texture and also Taste because they are easier for me to eat. A Frittata made with Courgettes and Cheese is perfect. Adding finely sliced Potatoes and some Lardons does also make the man eat without complaint. It is a winner.


Courgetti or Courgette Spaghetti.

Like the picture above shows there are many ways to enjoy a Summer Squash like the Courgette or the Marrow. Ribbons can be made out of them and be most welcomed within a Salad or as a Side for a Dish. As a Spaghetti form it could become the base of a nice and light Summer Lunch or Dinner. Cooked or raw it will work. If you go for lightly cooked Courgetti, add some pitted Black Olives, for flavour and contrast, then add some Sundried Tomatoes, a handful of Capers, a spoonful of Basil Pesto and Grated Parmesan: Et Voilà! A Veg dish for the Summer.


 Summer Salad with Courgetti, Tomatoes, Rocket Leaves, Avocado slices, Feta Cheese , Black Olives, Lardons and a Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil dressing.


A Selection of Courgettes