A Selection of Tropical Fruits

When I was a Child Tropical Fruits were still somewhat a novalty in one's household who were not wealthy enough to afford the fresh ones. Tin and preserved ones however were very much so available. In the eighteen and nineteen centuries Tropical Fruits were a symbol for status but if we do look deep into it one can be filled with the sadness of learning all about colonisation and also slavery.

Tropical Fruits are very much part of our diet in one way or another which could be savoury or sweet. If I go for savoury I would say I love fried Plantain. If I go for sweet, Pineapple takes it. However Avocado is my most go to. 

Guacamole Song from Kevin Johansen

I do love Avocadoes so much so that I tried to grow them over and over again without success however my neighbour Stan gave me a grown Avocado plant which is about thirty centimetres tall and I am very much looking foward to its fruition.



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