A Selection of Cored Fruits

What can I say about those type of Fruits apart that they are enjoyed by many. Let us just mention the Apple Pie right here. Let us just feel the Home Sweet Home moment. My Mother used to make a delicious Apple Pie flavoured with Cinnamon. If there was any leftover the following day, the last slice taken was not causing a mayhem but some  serious pouting.

Golden Delicious Apples Edited 1.JPG

Golden Delicious Apples.

But we must not forget the Pears. One dish or two actually dishes that people enjoy me to do is either a poached Pear in Ginger Wine and covered in Dark Chocolate Sauce and decorated with Hazelnuts or Pecan Nuts chopped into tiny bits to give the standing soft Pear texture. Eithere it is my Pears poached in Red Wine.


 Poached Pear in Red Wine coated with Chocolate.

A Selection of Pears
A Selection of Apples
A Selection of Quinces