A Selection of Apples

Coming from Normandy, France, of course I do like Apples... I grew up by the Sea but not far from hills and grassy fields with lots of Cows and Apple Trees. It was a pretty idyllic scenery I must confess...


Normandy Cows under the blossoming Apple Trees.

The Apples there were eating Apples but also Cider Apples which could be used not only to make Cider but also Pommeau (A little like Port in Alcohol strength and sweetness but made with Apples) and of course they are also used to make Calvados which is a stronger Alcohol but very much appreciated like Whiskey.

Apple Sauce with Calvados.jpg

Home Made Apple Sauce with Calvados.

Strangely enough since Brexit, we do have a shortage of Apples and Apple Sauce in England... Therefore I decided to make my own Apple Sauce. Of course the Normandy way, it had to be so. My partner didn't complain on that one, seeing that the shop bought jars were half the size that they used to be...

Apple Sauce making.jpg

Making Home Made Apple Sauce infused with Cinnamon, Lemon Zest and Calvados.

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