A Selection of Salmons

What can I say about Salmon apart for one thing that I often seen it during celebrations and festivities in its Smoked form. But also that I do enjoy it a great deal of a lot: unctuous, velvety... I could go on and on and on.

Coming from a working class family, having Smoked Salmon at Christmas or New Year's Eve meant a great deal of a lot. It was a Starter along with Oysters more than anything else.

Smoked Salmon 2.JPG

Smoked Salmon, deliciousely smooth.

With years passing by, you get to know more, Gravlax also known as Gravadlax, and some Smoked Salmon with fancy flavours which you do appreciate or not. A Smoked Salmon, done/Smoked upon Pine needles and flavoured with Cranberries and Mandarin took me by surprise and I did like the acidity and the tartness of it. So the Smoking for Salmon is still a realm to explore.

A confession I have to make is that I used to love a Bagel with Philadephia Cheese, with Chives, cracked Black Pepper, Lemon juice and Smoked Salmon. However nowadays it is more just Smoked Salmon and Lemon Juice if I am able to get it and eat it. (Swallowing problems). But Smoked Salmon is soft so a good source of protein. (But I have to forget about the Bagel).

Plain Bagels Edited.JPG

Bagels are perfect recipients for Smoked Salmon.

Passing to the realm of healthy people, Smoked Salmon is awesome to create a range of Canapés for entertaining your guests at a Party. It does require a base of course. Blinis are the most common, very nice and soft. Toasted little slices of Rye Bread or Crostinis as well make a very nice base to put the Smoked Salmon upon. 

Cocktail Blinis Edited 1.JPG

Blinis make nice base for Coctail Canapés. 

Another base for Smoked Salmon Canapés is Vegetables: Cucumber sliced add a welcoming freshness. Fresh sliced Courgette imparts a nice crunch. But another Veg to be considered which gives a slight pepperiness is Mooli also called Daikon.


Mooli, Sliced can make a good Base.

For a nice Canapé a soft Cream Cheese in between the base and Smoked Salmon is very welcomed especially since you can flavour them to your liking: Chives, Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest, Dill, mixed with Dill Mustard etc. You can whip your creation with Cream Cheese or use an already flavoured Philadelphia. However you can go for the little warmth and kick of Creamed Horseradish or if you use Daikon or Mooli as a base for your Canapé a little Wasabi paste.

Wasabi Paste Edited.JPG

 Wasabi Paste. Powerfully strong but awfully nice in small doses.

Of course for a lovely looking Canapé, a little decoration on top of the Smoked Salmon is important to make them even more appealing and lavish. It could be a simple decorative fresh Dill. It could be Salmon Roe or some Caviar. It could be Micro Herbs for flavour or a little very small Watercress for pepperiness, or chopped Nori for saltiness.

Dill 3.JPG

Dill a fresh Herb which is a good combination with Salmon.

This is to give you ideas about recipes using Smoked Salmon. To help you more about Smoked Salmon, what is on the table is the page about Smoked Salmon below. It will help you to be creative with that great ingredient.

Layering with the fresh Dill Edited - Copy.JPG

The making of a Salmon Terrine which has a Salmon Mousse created with Salmon Fillets and a wrapping of Smoked Salmon.

This brings us to Salmon Fillets, Salmon Darne, the entire Salmon and Salmon Roe. A Salmon Terrine uses both Smoked Salmon and Salmon Fillets. The recipe I used was from Mary Berry and it was a joy to eat. I can only recommend it. I made one for an event in a Charity which was let us say destroyed very quickly. 

Salmon Terrine 3.JPG

The Salmon Terrine. A winner, follow Mary Berry's Recipe.

For Salmon Fillets, I do prefer that cut as it is readily available but also very easy and simple to cook. You can also get some very nice fillets of Scottish lightly Smoked Salmon. It is a cross in between Smoked Salmon and Fresh Salmon but it works in a delicious way.

Lightly Scottich Smoked Salmon 1.jpg

Lightly Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillets.

Salmon Fillets can be Marinated in the style you aim to achieve for your dish. I went Asian style for those two fillets. It was delish.

The Ingredients for the salmon.jpg

The ingredients for the recipe, not a lot yet effective to deliver a meal that packs a punch on the Taste Buds.

Marinating the Salmon Fillets.jpg

Marinating Salmon Fillets doesn't take long especially in a Citrus Marinade.

Then comes the part of grilling the Salmon Fillets which have already added flavours to them due to the Marinade. Lime Juice being acidic partly cook the Salmon so you just finish off the cooking by grilling the fillets.

Ready to go under the the grill.jpg

Grilling the Salmon Fillets. Use your Marinade to pour over to get even more flavours.

The last part is the result and dishing out. You would have cook your Basmati Rice by then, using the rest of the Marinade with added Water. It imparts the Rice with a lovely punchy taste.

The dish Grilled and Marinated Salmon with Basmati Rice. .jpg

The result on a plate. Asian Style Salmon Fillets with Basmati Rice.


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A Selection of Smoked Salmons
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A Selection of Salmon Fillets