A Selection of Oily Fish

The selection of Oily Fish in Oceans, Seas, and Rivers is quite diverse and I would say quite large however they are prised not only by humans but also predators. Salmons are getting picked up by Grizzly Bears going up a river for example. 

The Ingredients Salmon Terrine Edited.JPG

Ingredients for a Salmon Terrine.

The fact that the Oily Fish are containing Omega 3 render them a healthy food but also one which is satisfying enough to fill a belly up. Salmon of course is probably the most known on the list. It has a reputation for being a most sought after Fish.  

Salmon Terrine 3.JPG

The Salmon Terrine ready to be dished out and decorated.

Mackerel is classified as well as an Oily Fish. It has a delicious flesh and an attractive colour which makes it stand out in a BBQ party.

Grilled Mackerell with Asian  style veg.jpg

Grilled Mackerel Fillet with Asian style Veg.

We mention the little Sardine which we often see in tins in Olive Oil, or Brine, or Tomato Sauce or Sunflower Oil. Not as glamourous as the Mackerel, Sardines are far less eaten fresh than when they are preserved. However when deboned they make perfect little Fish to eat grilled.

John West Sardines in Tomato Sauce Edited.JPG

Tin of Sardines, one of the staple in my cupboards.


Fresh little Sardines.

On a bigger scale size wise there is the Tuna which is very often found preserved in tin as well. Due to, let us say the corpulence of that Oily Fish, it is usually unlikely to see it cooked entirely, but in parts it is more common. For example the Tuna Steaks, fresh which are more likely to be available.

The result of marinated Tuna Steaks.jpg

Asian Style Tuna Steak.

Not dissimilar to Salmon another Oily Fish is the Trout which I find to have a more delicate flavour. Like Salmon it can be found in smoked form. This Fish is mainly eaten whole or in fillets.

Trout fillet pané.jpg

Trout Fillet Panéed. 

Herrings and Kippers are Oily Fish mainly found in a Smoked Cured way and butterflied.

There is the Sprat, that tiny Oily Fish often mistaken for Anchovies or even Sardines. They are usually Smoked and/or preserved in Oil.

All those Oily Fish are excellent ingredients and if we believe the experts about leading a healthy diet we do need two portions of Fish per week: one of which should be an Oily Fish. Trust me there are lots of recipe which can be concocted with those beautiful Fish.

Salmon Pie.JPG

Little parcels of Joy, Salmon Terrines wrapped in Cucumber ready to be served upon the Christmas table. A very nice Fish Dish which followed the Starter.

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