Puddings are usually either boiled or steamed. Mainly sweet Puddings can also be savoury (like Black Pudding and Haggis). But below there will be just sweet Pudding Recipes.

To be honest I am not a Pudding Queen then I will claim that I do prefer to prepare other Desserts than a Pudding. A strickingly disaster at X-mas years ago with the Christmas Pudding did knock my confidence in doing Puddings. But as I always say we must learn by our mistakes.


Christmas Puddings done right, of course not mines...

However I can do a mean Rice Pudding which is enjoyable... and not only because it is a little boozy.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Rice Pudding with Grand Marnier and Honey Oranges
A simple yet very comforting little pudding, ideal for chilly winter nights. The addition of Grand Marnier makes it a grown up pud with a festive feeling.