A Selection of Coloured Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes and loving eating them, I was almost meant to be a Tomato fancier; like in the Victorian Era when Charles Darwin had a deep interest in Pigeons and all the difference between them from the minute ones to the obvious ones, or Mendel with his Peas who did point out about genetic, most of the fanciers of a particurlar Vegetable, Flower or Fruit want to know the intricacy of life in order to have a very specific creation in front of their eyes. It takes years of mind boggling and I will chillingly remind everyone of the story of Mary Shelley: Frankenstein. But I will also say I love seeing nature following its course.

New Pigeon.JPG

One of my many Garden Rock Doves. Its colour patern is very different. But since then we had a generation which was almost white with grey patches upon their feathers, we don't know how it did happen apart maybe from an albino gene running through our wild bunch of Rock Doves which a lot calls Pigeons. The one above I called 'My Friend' and is still alive and well. Its eyes are a rusty orange to red.

This is just to say that variations do happen naturally and they are awesome to witness but sometimes they are engineered and also sometimes called the F1: the ones which can't reproduce, in per say their seeds are useless. If you let nature do its course the reproduction does happen swiftly and naturally.

Black Tomatoes Growing.JPG

Indigo Rose Tomatoes. 

We can't say that all Tomatoes are red because the variants are gianormous or are they variants? This is the question. In my garden a bee will go into one of the Tomato flowers and pollinate an other from a different sort, the Fruit may not be what it looks like from the packet of seeds you did get however they are an intriguing addition to not be missed upon.

The first Tomato plant I grew on a kitchen Window sill back in the days in Hackney was from a seed I would say from a normal Red Tomato  because it came from a supermarket pack. Let us say that I was a naive, ignorant novice at that point in time which didn't know about varieties of Tomatoes. It was just an experiment because I didn't even know that I would succeed to have a plant from my single seed. But I did. The plant was very tall and did give me a fair few medium sized Tomatoes.


Moneymaker Tomatoes.

Embolden by that small success, and as soon as I was able to use a Garden, I grew Vegetable, Fruits and Flowers but still like a novice (I will still consider myself as a novice learning as I go along but also sharing what I learnt if it may help someone). However I went for tomato= red, courgette= green, aubergine= purple, carrots= orange type of mindset, like you find them on supermarket shelves... But then I went to a Garden Centre where there were so many varieties to grow for everything.

So if I still grow the Moneymaker variety of Tomato which is red, medium sized, abundant, and easy to grow, I have been daring and pushing my boundaries over the years. It was about a lets try this and lets try that kind of mojo like a sorcerer's apprentice let out in the Garden. It was quite a discovery to be honest which I am still discovering because there are so many varieties out there.

Tomatoes selection..jpg

From yellow to orange passing by striped ones, there are a variety of colours for Tomatoes.

For the varieties I try to grow I have various successes depending on the weather but also my attention to my plants for when I am very unwell and can not walk properly, it is a day or a few missed tending to the garden. However they are a fair few varieties I could recommand and one is the Santorange Tomato which is orange and from the plum kind/shape.

Tomatoes 2017 Edited 1.JPG

 Orange Cherry Vine Tomatoes.

There is a Tomato which I absolutely like which is called the Bumblebee Tomato. It is striped, abundant and comes in different colours. They are of the cherry size type and can grow very well in a hanging basket. I did it one year when we had a fairly hot Summer and it was a blessing to pass by that basket to grab a Bumblebee Tomato and eat it like that.

Bumblebee Tomatoes.JPG

Bumblebee Tomatoes.


Indigo Rose Tomatoes (Black tomatoes)
About Indigo Rose Tomatoes