Butterhead Lettuce,

This Lettuce has a soft texture and a very mild taste. The Leaves have a contour which is interesting but less than the crispier Frisée Salad. However this Lettuce can give the softeness needed for a Salad.

Accompanied by Leaves which have a crunch and or a bitterness like the Radicchio or the White or the Red Chicory/Endive, this Lettuce can provide balance as well as contrast to a Salad. 

But it doesn't mean that this Lettuce is always green for some are of a red almost burgundy variety.


The Red Butterhead Salad with the Green one. 

This Lettuce does look nice on a plate and its buttery sweet taste is a compliment to many Ingredients to create a lovely Salad. But not only that if you think outside the box you can make a lovely Green Smoothie full of vitamins for the Breakfast with a Butterhead Lettuce, an Avocado, a Granny Smith Apple, maybe one Kiwi, a little Parsley  and Spinach for iron, a strand of Dill, and the Juice of a Lime.


Ingredients for Green Smoothies and Green Smoothies.

You can use this Butterhead Lettuce to do a decent light yet filling Brunch called the Nest. Upon a base Lettuce, drizzle a little creamy Horseradish Sauce. Place a Sesame Bagel cut in half all around. Fill the Bagel with more Lettuce, some Pastrami, another drizzle of creamy Horseradish Sauce and some sliced Plum Cherry Tomatoes. Season and close the Bagel. Last but not least place three Soft Boiled Quail Eggs (shelled) within the hole of the Bagel. You can finish by a pinch of Cracked Black Peppercorn upon the Eggs and decorate with Curly Parsley Leaves.  This lovely Brunch can be done to impress a Friend while catching up together or to a smile on a Working Partner.


 A Bagel can be a convenient medium to eat more Veg, because you can obtain at the very least two of five a day within them: Lettuce being one of them. The type of Bagel is also up to your choice and taste, above is a Rye Bagel.

A Butterhead Lettuce joined with Rocket Leaves and also Radicchio can bring about a perfect Lunch Salad, altogether with grilled or griddled Courgettes, Halloumi, Aubergines and Tomatoes. Add Kalamata Olives, a few Basil Leaves then dressed with a Balsamic and Olive Oil Vinaigrette. The result is that you will think that a Summer by the Med is on your plate. The fact is that the tenderness of a Butterhead Lettuce will not distract you from the other Ingredients of your Lunch and you will still enjoy them together.


A simple Fried Halloumi Lunch upon a bed of a variety (Cultivar) of Butterhead Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes. A drizzle of Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar is all it needs to finish this little Vegeterian Lunch.

A Butterhead Lettuce can also be used to make delicious Soups for Supper time. In the Summer they can be served cold and ever so refreshing. You can mix a Lettuce, with a Cucumber, some Veg stock then blitz them together. Season with cracked White Peppercorn and a little Smoked Sea Salt. Decorate with a dashing circle of Double Cream, chopped Dill, Mint Leaves. In the little cold Soup you can add for texture some Peas or for some heat a sliced and deseeded Padron Chilli Pepper.

Lettuce is a welcome addition to Soups and Broths.