Borlotti Bean Firetongue from my Garden.

We have been growing Borlotti Bean Firetongue for a while not only for their excellent taste but also for their colour red which is very attractive especially with streaks of white on the pod but also on the Beans themselves.


Borlotti Beans Firetongue Pods  and Beans.

Those Beans are also known Cranberry Borlotti Beans and Red Pinto Beans variety. They are all cultivars of the Borlotti Beans and can be easily taken for one another. The Borlotti Beans Firetongue comes from Italy were it was developped. It so pleasing to the eyes and a plate. You do a striking Salad with Borlotti Beans Firetongue, lightly cooked, add Rocket Leaves for Pepperiness, Red Endives Leaves for crunchiness, and a simple dressing of Red wine Vinegar and Virgin Olive and the Seasoning of crushed Black Pepppercorn and Sea Salt.


 Fresh Rer Endives. Their Leaves add Crunch to a Salad and a welcomed slight Biiterness.

The name Firetongue for that Borlotti Beans is not only due to its red colour only but also it is beleived that it was named like that because of its shape which is longue and ressemble the one of a Dragon. It is a legend but the gardener always likes to name his/her creations so the true possibily the creator of that cultivar named it in that original and rather fetching way.


 It true lots of Depictions of Chinese Dragons show that tongue which ressemble the one of the Firetongue Borlotti Beans.

However I will say something is that poetic license grabs you when you go to your Garden and see those magnificent Beans red withstriades of white. It is I dare say a handsome Beans to have in Ones Garden. It also easy to grow so why resist to their charms it you have room in your Garden or allotment or evenpation. It is an ever so pleasing Bean with a delicious taste.

Firetongue Borlotti.JPG