A Selection of Nuts

Going Nuts about the Nuts... There is a pletora out there to try and taste. However if you have a Nut allergy please avoid and make sure you read the content of a product before eating it. This is important for your health.

I am lucky enough to be able to eat Nuts. They are part of my childhood as well and I remember foraging in the woods and country lanes with my Pa and Bro for Hazelnuts and Chestnuts. We had a dachshund Dog called Suzy who came on all of our foraging little trips which was so clever that she did work out how to open a Chestnut with her paws without spiking her paws. She was foraging for herself all the fallen and ripe and ready ones on the ground. It was just for us a matter to follow the dog to find what we were looking for.


Suzy was supposed to be called Hazelnut (Noisette) because of her colour but my Mum decided otherwise. Suzy was such a great family pet and so intelligent.

For Hazelnuts, we did eat them like that after a little clean. However for the Chestnuts they did have the treatment of being chargrilled: Nice joyful little moment when they start to split and you have a good simple treat in Autumn.

I will mention one more thing my Paternal Grandparents had a Walnut Tree in their own garden. Walnuts are always loved in our family. Call it being memory or nostalgy but also taste. Nuts from a good tree...


Walnuts in their shells.

Pine Nuts
A Selection of Pine Nuts