A Selection of Hazelnuts

Blanched Hazelnuts.

In my life I was lucky to be a kid brought up to days out foraging, fruit picking, fishing, Mushroom hunting and also finding Hazelnuts on Country Lanes or Woods. To be honest the bounty of Hazelnuts was mainly eaten raw as soon as we did get back home. And our dog Suzy was alway rewarded with whatever she helped us find.

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For the trivia due to her colour Suzy was supposed to be called Hazelnut or Noisette in French but my mother decided to name her in the memory of a strict Parisian great Aunt of hers which had the same colour of hair as Suzy who was called Suzanne... Suzanne helped to bring up my Grand Mother Jeanne, taking her with her in Paris.

So Hazelnuts may be strongly associated with a colour. But the sweet nutty taste of a Hazelnut can not be mistaken for another. It is like Butter and Nut binding together in a happy forever marriage and then came Chocolate and Nutella came about from the Trio... and everything went yummy.

Hazelnuts are an all rounder in terms of an ingredient. It can be found in a Breakfast, in a Brunch, in a Lunch, at Tea Time, at Supper, in the four courses of a Dinner and as a midnight snack. Woop woop for the Hazelnut.


Hazelnuts still in their shells,

Blanched Hazelnuts
About Blanched Hazelnuts
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A Selection of Roasted Chopped Hazelnuts