A Selection of Sausages

Chipolatas Sausages.

I will say that I do like Sausages and Sausage Meat. The variety of Sausages varies almost all over the World but also in a microcosmos of Sausages being multiple and different within an area or region of it. For there are different ways of making them and what is traditonal there may not be traditional not very far away... 


Mini Chorizo Sausages.

It is usually said that the filling of a Sausage should be eighty per cent Meat at the very least to be qualified as a good Sausage. However I don't know if this is true for Blood Sausages like Black Pudding and Boudin Noir, but also the Boudin Blanc which is different.

Black Pudding Edited 1.JPG

Black Pudding.

As a Sausage is already processed a great deal, my first impulsion is to just cook with it and to not mess too much with the Sausage. However when you come across a very decently flavoured Sausage, like the Toulouse Sausage, to take the Meat out of its casing and to use it otherwise can spring to mind: like stuffing a large Tomato for exemple. Sausage Meat make a perfect Stuffing if I may say.

Stuffed Tomatoes out of the oven.jpg

Stuffed Tomatoes out of the oven.

Pork Sausages
A Selection of Pork Sausages
Cured Sausages
A Selection of Cured Sausages