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One of the most popular and available Meat: Chicken. Since the event in our history, prehistory when we stopped being hunter gatherers to become sedentary and rely on Agriculture, Chicken has been a staple Meat on our tables, almost.

I had the chance in my life to see the famous (and expensive) Poulet de Bresse roaming in fields of green grass in the Bresse area of France. My Grand Parents had a house in Bourg en Bresse, now it belongs to one of my Uncles. Shall I dare to say that the Chicken there are raised in an ethical manner. They are not crammed in small spaces and force fed. They roam under the blue sky and are not crammed under industrialistic scaled Chicken Coop.

The difference is truly felt on a plate. I remember the Coq au Vin of my Grand Dad which he did for us once but I will not recall any particular KFC at any particurlar time. No offence, I am just saying.


Coq au Vin.

There is an element which is somehow passed down the line with Chicken: Sharing is caring. It is about feeding a family or a crowd within means.

One thing which has to be mentioned is that most of us has a particular cut of a Chicken we do prefer... Why? Did someone ask you at one point in time while sharing a roast Chicken 'Which part did you want?'...

Chicken Time is a share and care: the lets feed you moment. My Man's favourite part is the Breat of a Chicken. ( I am not giggling)


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