A whole Pineapple.

Of course an entire Pineapple is usually rough on the edges and it is almost an art form to trim it down to the way we want it to be, however this is its natural form and we should respect it. For one thing I do find whole Pineapple firmer than the tinned ones and already chopped or sliced one but I also find them bigger.

The juice acidity from the tinned ones renders them soft. However if you want a firmer texture use a whole Pineapple. It is far better. If you hold a Cocktail Party with a retro feel to it Pineapple Chunks which are tinned can go along well with some Cheese as a Seventies style Canapé. However the consistency of a fresh Pineapple renders it better to be grilled or barbecued and also skewered.


Pineapple skewered wedges, grilled.

Although we do need some knife skills to tackle an entire Pineapple, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, of course you can eat the Pineapple but you can also keep the top of it to grow a Pineapple tree. It does take some time but it is worth the effort to have an exotic plant at home. However I didn't do it for the lack of ceiling height however I still want to try it. It would be awesome.


The top of a Pineapple is a plant to bestow or try to grow.