A Selection of Flat Fish

There is a great variety of Flat Fish out there from the large Turbot to the popular Dover Sole passing by the sought after Halibut. Myself particularly I do enjoy Soles and a good Plaice. Especially when we order Fish and Chips, Plaice is usually my choice.

Plaice battered.JPG

Battered Plaice from the Fish and Chips Shop.

Flat Fish are very interesting predators of the sea as they lay on the bottom of the sea floor and most do camouflage themself with the background they are upon. Not only they are thus not perceived by their prey but it does also give them some protection against their own predators which do not spot them. It works like the Chameleon trick which is an evolutionary trait.


Flat Fish at the bottom of the Sea, camouflaged.

Lemon Sole
A Selection of Lemon Soles
A Selection of Monkfish/Lophius