A Selection of White Fish

There are plenty of Fish in the sea, that expression suits well the White Fish group which is massive. However due to its popularity can render its Fish very much overfished. But certain countries employed a regulation and quotas to protect certain populations Fish which dwindled to a danger zone so much that there Species need an enverinomental and concensus to make sure that there Species do not be in a path to extinction bu on a path to recovery.

It was the case for Hake for example in which Namibia gave the order for that particular Fish to not be fished during two months of the year: Spetember and October to protect that species and allow its stock and population to remain stainable.


Hake is found in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic but also the Medditerranean Sea, the Black Sea.

In terms of popularite if we think of the Fish the more captured or liked are the Cod, the Tilapia, the Bass, the Haddock, the Grouper, the Snapper, the Catfish and of course the Hake. The John Dory is also loved by restaurateurs.

Fish Chowder.jpg

Fish Chowder, a soup using mainly White Fish which particurlaly appreciated in North Hemisphere.

Speaking of Resturation and Comsumption, the White Fish group is perfect for frying, searing, used in Soups, like the Chowder, but also Baking, this not mentionning Grilling, Barbecuing, and making Fish Stock. So Whish Fish land themselves (pardon me the pun) because they are saught afer for cooking.

Cod Goujons with Baby potaotoes and Peas.JPG

 Cod Goujons with Baby Potatoes and Peas.

The Cod for example has been one of the firm favourites by many especially GB for Fish and Chips and many different dishes which uses the Pané method. It is a delicous fleshy White Fish to say the least. But there are more ways to cook with those nice fillets.

If we turn to the Tilapia is has rendered to the West a popular Fish which has been imported from the imported from the East. There are now some being farmed in the UK which reduces airmiles. Some self countain ecological farm uses Large Tilapia to feed the manure provided by the Fish as a manner to feed large amount to there plants in large saires, which is an eco friendly manner to do so. It gives them plenty of fertalizer ready made on site.

Sundream Plum Vine Tomatoes Variety Sunstream 5.JPG

Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Chillies can benefit from the use a fertilizer made from the excrement of kept tilapias in large Tanks.


Fillets of Tilapia.

Another popular Fish amogst restaurateurs and people in general is the Sea Bass, more delicate than the Cod, Sea Bass are rarely found Deep Fried. No, that Fish is more treated with more attention to details. However like a Deep Fried Cod, that rather thin Fish especially its fillets doesn't take long to cook. This is ideal for a Restaurant who seek to deliver a quality Fish dish nicely upon the table, but allow a fast turnover upon the tables. It is a turnover on the pockets for a Sea Bass being more expensive can allow the restaurateur to charge more for a dish with that particular Fish.

Fried Sea Bass Fillets.jpg

Fried Sea Bass fillets, Pan Fried, Seared, Baked this is ideal.

Baked, an entire Sea Bass can be stuffed with many ingredients, such as Herbs, Aromatics, Citrus slices. It can also be Grilled or Barbecued for a BBQ party to great effect to your guests.

One Popular Fish living in the North Atlantic, the Channel, the North Sea up into around Scotland to Greenland and Nova Scotia, is the Haddock. Many meals are renowed done with Haddock: the Cullen Skink, the Kedgerree, the Finnan Haddie to name just a few. The Haddock lands itself very well to be preserved via Smoking, Cured with Sea Salt, Drying. It is also like Cod a favourite Fish to be Deep Fried within Fish and Chips Shops. On another note, the name of this Fish makes me think of a character of a famous comic strip of my Childhood, Tintin who was called Captain Haddock.

Captain Haddock in the Tintin movie 

I must confess something to you all that I never knew what a Grouper was until I saw that video of one eating a shark. A Grouper can very be heavy and one was reported to have reached 2.3 metres long. They are predators. See for yourself the Video I am talking about on the link below.


So Grouper are massive Fish nonetheless they can eaten cut in slices, which could be called Steaks or in Fillets. Then you can Pan Seared them.


Close up on a large Grouper.

Then you have the Snapper with the most well known being the Red Snapper. That Fish feeds in the estuaries of rivers. The Red Snapper is caught for its taste as well as for its colour. It does work well with Mediterranean and Jamaican recipes. Baked, Grilled, Pan Fried, Seared, Barbecued, Stuffed and Cooked the Snapper is a very versatile Fish.


Another that is even farmed and widely eaten which is a very large Fish and predator like the Grouper is the Catfish. That Fish is mostly recognised by its barbels on its face which are described a little like Cat Whiskers hence the name was given to the Catfish. They are known to attack Humans, Water Buffaloes, eat Ducklings, and even Dogs.

One Summer my Uncle and Aunty took us to a leisure place lake, but a lake which was fed by a river linked to the Rhone River. A puppy was eaten alive by a large Catfish the week previously and warnings were given to parents to not let babies and toddlers near the water and to keep an eye on all other Children at all times. The reported Catfish was said to be two metres long and a hunt was created to secure those pleasure water again. 

Fried Catfish is part of New Orleans meals. President Ronald Reagan established a Catfish National day during his presidency. So this tell you of how prized that Fish is in the USA.

Then there is the expensive John Dory, loved by restaurateurs. It has two black points on its flanks which makes it so recognisable. It is a very sought after Fish because of its delicate flesh.


The very nice John Dory.

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