Growing Potatoes

Potatoes are relatively easy to grow. From my experience which is very much so amateurish, I decided to plant my very first Potato when it was growing stem in the Veg compartement of my fridge. In my best Italian accent I could have said then:'It wants to grow, it wants to grow so let it grow!'. Anyhow the Potato, a King Edward was duly planted and it was just a lets see what comes about. I must confess that I didn't have Great Expectations due to my lack of experience.

Purple Potato Flowers.jpg

Potato Flowers. They are mainly purple/lilac in my Garden. Dainty yet pretty.

During a year and considering the tiny size of my Garden, I will say I can get two batches of Potatoes within three large Potato Bags. One will come around June and the other will be ready around September/October. But I will say that growing Potatoes has been a yearly affair. I will repeat that we have just a Patio Garden which is not massive by any means but it didn't deter us to try to grow what we love to eat in a sustainable way. 

Baby potatoes plant.jpg

My very first Potato Bag.

I must confess that all the Potatoes I did grow year on year are rather very traditional Potatoes. I do tend to stay with what I know despite liking to expend my repertoire. With only three Potato bags to deal with, I usually go for three varieties of Potato every year. So far I did grow King Edwards, Maris Piper, Vivaldi, Charlotte, Anya, Jersey Royal, Baby New Potatoes, Désirée and a red and white Potato variety which was delicious.

Variety of Potatoes.JPG

Potato Starters for 2019: Charlotte, Vivaldi and maris Piper.

For this year 2022, I really don't have a plan or a scheme for my three varieties of Potatoes. I know I do have some Potatoes from Church Farm left from Christmas, some Maris Pipers which are starting to show some sign of having eyes. Therefore it would be a crying shame to not use them. I am still undecided for the two other varieties, but it will probably be the Charlotte and Baby New Potatoes.

Baby new Potatoes.jpg

Baby New Potatoes. I like the convenience of the size of those Potatoes.

Growing your own Potatoes year upon year is somewhat rewarding. First, it teaches you the different varieties of Potatoes but also which variety is best for a particular purpose in the kitchen. From Mash, Sautéed, Fried, Chips... there is a Potato to do a better job than another to a particurlar task. 

Fried Spiced Baby Potatoes Skewers.jpg

Baby Potatoes Skewers.

Maris Piper are excellent for Mash for example. Second everyone knows that gardening is rather therapeutic but that Potatoes are also easy to grow. As my Garden is not huge but I would rather say is of a medium size, my method to grow Potatoes is in large Potato bags. Also because it is only my Partner and I the yield of our three bags is sufficient for us. I will add that the bags are convenient in a sense that we can place them in the area of the Garden according to the different seasons and the weather.

King Edward Potatoes 3.jpg

King Edward Potato Bags placed against a wall to protect their growth. It did help their initial start during a windy Spring which could have damaged their stems.

Finally apart from seeing the pretty Flowers which attracts the Bees in the Garden , you can very well have two harvest per year, in late Spring and in Autumn. I will reiterate again that there is nothing like fresh Potatoes which you have planted and dug yourself.

Potato flowers garden (2).JPG

 Potato Flowers are attractive to Bees which is a plus.


Baby New Potatoes Harvest.

Then another fun begins which is doing nice recipes, meals, dinner with your Potatoes... Confession for confession, during the Spring I like doing Salad Nicoise, in the Summer I enjoy Baby Potatoes Skewers, in Autumn I like Potato Salad as a side, starter or lunch, in Winter a good Fondue either Swiss or Bourguignone can do with Baby Potatoes dipped into them.

Fondue Bourguignone.JPG

Fondue Bourguignone doesn't have to be all about diced Beef, Baby Potatoes can join the impromptu party.

Then there are the classic Potato Boulangére, Potato Dauphinoise, Jacket Potatoes, Pomme Anna, Hassleback Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese Maris Potatoes Mash, French Fries and more awesome sides to enjoy...

Boulangere Tatoes.jpg

Preparation for Boulangére Potatoes ready to go in the oven. This is very lavish and goes very well with a Roast of Shoulder of Lamb or Leg of Lamb, but also Shoulder of Pork.

All in all you can get much pleasure from growing Potatoes... Try, Test and Taste, the three T's which there equals TLC.

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