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Separating the yolk from the white of an egg.

Tips to separate the yolk from the white of an egg. 

There are many methods to do so but the one I prefer is the one I saw my mother do when I was young. It consists of opening the egg, more or less at the middle of its length, and to use the two shell parts as little receptacles to retain the yolk. By passing the yolk from one broken half shell  to the other, twice or thrice, we can strain the white with precision from the yolk. But also we can use the broken edge of the egg shell to cut loose the remaining bit of white which could hang onto the yolk. I find that this method allows some precision to get most of the white but also to get a pristine yolk. With two little bowls at the ready, one underneath the operation to receive the white and one on the side to put the precious yolk, the stage is set to be easy and smooth.

Another method which is even easier is to crack the egg and strain it straight through the hand. However, if it is fast, then you have the gooey white clinging to your hand which you have to wash away and therefore lose some white which is as precious as the golden yolk especially if you plan to do a lovely airy soufflé or a luscious pavlova.

So for the no messy hands factor, getting most of the white and the ability of having a perfect clean yolk, I love my Mum's method. Sometimes it is not all about 'bang bang living the fast life and I can't cook something if it doesn't take less than fifteen minutes'. It is about respecting the ingredients and the the entire treasure load they have to offer. Some recipes ask for just the yolks and some just the whites. For me wasting the part not needed is almost a crime: I think of my grandparents and some of my great grand parents who lived through WW2. You can keep the whites and freeze them. As for the yolks, they can store for up to 2-3 days in an air tight container, covered by a little water, in a fridge.

The beautiful thing in having a stray yolk somewhere in the fridge is that you can practice a technique which you want to learn about or master like a Confit Egg Yolk....or just use it to give a golden glow on the pastry lid of a pie. 



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