A Selection of Champagnes

It goes almost without saying that Champagne is the epitomy of Celebrations. May it be a Victory, a Feat or a Feast, a Birthday, an Anniversary, New Year's Day,  New Year's Eve, Christmas, a Festive Season or Day, a Wedding or a Baptism Champagne seems to be the drink of choice in order to celebrate and be happy.


Cheers Time.

The connotations around Champagne and also Sparkling Wine are positive ones. Most do find Bubbles cheerful. To have a bubbly personality is to have as per say a rather cheerful one, or/and to be the life of the party. Sharing a bottle of Champagne is also an act of sociability which is perceived highly. By that I mean that there is undeniably a social standing accorded to Champagne because of its price. If you can afford and share a bottle of Champagne or many the image projected of yourself is of being an affluent and may be of a person with influence. Champagne sharing is not only about celebrating or partying. It is about a more dignify way of socialising, meet people and make connections. Shall we say it have some sort of 'Gravitas' around it socially.


  It is not just about the more the merrier with Champagne, it is also the who you know and  about social standing. We are in the world of Thackeray's Vanity Fair.

For the anecdote to illustrate in some way that point, one of the first designs for Champagne Glasses were shaped/inspired around the breasts of Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, wife of Louis the sixteenth who met the wrath of a population, faced a revolution and who were both beheaded by the guillotine. She is always reported to have reputedly said 'Let them eat cake' about the people who were within the revolt. However this quote attributed to her may be just a Myth. But this tells us one little big thing: Marie Antoinette was perceived to live in total luxury and that reputation survived to this day. By association Champagne is always perceived as the drink of choice of the well to do or the ones who are doing well. It is a statement drink. 


Pop the Cork moment. 

To remain in the connotation, there is one associated with opening a bottle of Champagne. This is as simple as we are splashing it because we earnt it. In many Formula One Championships and Sport Events: the Champagne moment is the one when we do acknoledge Victory, the win, the place upon the podium is accepted and deserved. It does symbolise the step forward and upward but also achievement.


Celebrating the launch of Hair Rising, Heir Raising, Erasing. 2014.

When I published my first story in 2014, I did celebrate the feat with my partner. It was small and understated as a celebration but it meant so much to me. It wasn't the coming of age when I was 16 for my birthday. It was an achievement which I was proud of. It is like when you do entertain a dream and this one did come true because you worked upon it so hard. Champagne as I said is a celebration of achievement. Eleven published books later, being stamped as an Author I can say so with a smile of pride. One dream was realised.

Oudinot Champagne.jpg

During One's life there are plenty of causes for Celebrations and to pop up the Champagne.

Brut Rosé Champagne
A Selection of Brut Rosé Champagnes