A Selection of Carrots

A lot of people do remember Bugs Bunny chewing a Carrot saying 'What's up Doc?'. Carrots do have a similar aura like Apples with the 'Eat an Apple a day keeps the Doctor at bay'. It is a little like saying I am fine.

Grated Carrots, raw, in the Canteen of my Childhood School (Tourville) were quite common place as a Starter. As for my Mum it was a boiling matter, just a slice and a drop everything in the Water...

Carrots have been developped into many cultivars over the centuries. The orange colour for Carrots was not originally their predominant colour but human did standerised their colour for market purposes to be mainly orange. However when you are gardening you may have access to older varieties of Carrots being revived.


Different colours of Carrots.

In the Garden I go for varieties like Chantenay ones but also Carrot de Nantes. However I do grow multicoloured ones on occasion. But there is one thing to say about growing your own, if it doesn't make a perfect Carrot, it still makes it perfectly acceptable to your eyes. Digging my own, I will never throw one away. It will end up in a plate at some point in whatever shape or form.

For exemple I do love Carrot Juice and drink some very often bought or home made. This maybe me thinking of the healthy Carrotene side of Carrots, but also which contain Vitamin K, A and B6. It is health in a glass at least for a while.

Another form which is enjoyable with Carrots is within a Purée or a Mash. It can be combined with another Ingredient like Swede or Potatoes. It does make a nice side to a Main dish.

Now, whenever I make my own home Stock, I always use Carrots. It is part of the essential components to give flavour. I will almost add that the humble Carrot is a must.

When I was struck with Swine Flu and I had difficulty to move and eat therefore to keep the medecine inside my body, I had the advice of an old nurse over the phone:'If you can't  cook, you still can feed yourself to cope with the antibiotics.' The advice was to have Carrots and Celery  sticks at hand and some Houmous and some Guacamole to dip them in but also some nuts like Macademia for their Selenium. So it was a graze to carry on as you go along. It did work, the medicine did as well because taking something like strong antibiotics on an empty stomach is a very bad idea.

I still do a platter of 'Crudités' with Carrots, Celery, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers once in a while with the very same dips for parties or relaxed evening. People don't know what it means to me, but for me it means a 'Hang on in there my girl, you will get through it'.





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