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What can I say apart that I love a good Beef Steak. I have tried a Vegetarian Diet, yes, it lasted six months because I missed my Steak on a plate. It was a hard rainy day, a hard day at work, long hours at that time, all I wanted was a good old pint of Guinness. At the pub near my home I stopped to order a pint and a packet of crisps because I knew I was so exhausted I would not be able to cook for myself that evening. It would have been Home sweet Home then Bed. I was starving. You know, when you make sure everyone gets their Lunch breaks during the day and your one becomes the last one but it is so late that it is the end of the day anyway so why bother. You just go home.

The Guinness.jpg

This was the pint of Guinness which made me rethink everything. I came with the concept that to enjoy life you could be 80% good and 20% indulging yourself... Don't try the concept at Home, please.

To continue the story, I did stop being Vegetarian that day. I returned back to the old ways which I loved and enjoyed. Starving I picked up the menu and ordered Steak and Chips. Strangely enough I was given a number for my table because I did order a dish, common custom in GB, it was 69... The Return... I thought.

The 69 Bus.jpg

Back to my old ways, I felt much happier I must say. I did enjoy that Steak very much indeed. It reminded of a lovely time at Hawksmoore in Spitafield with one of my RIP best friend and I never turned back instead I prepared comfort food for my friends or my partner, like a good old Steak Pie...

Steak Pie.jpg

Home Made Steak Pie: One of my Favourite Comfort Food.

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