Pont l' Évêque

Pont l' Évêque is a soft, creamy cheese with a subtle and sophisticated taste which is slightly salted. This makes it perfect to use in savoury dishes from Tartiflettes to Crêpes passing by Quiches. Its soft and smooth texture is a delight to the palate where it will just melt. This cheese is very enjoyable served at the Apéritif on its own or as a show stopper ingredient of party cocktail snacks. I enjoy putting a Pont l' Évêque to create an impressive cheese platter at the end of a festive meal. If traditionnaly cheeses tend to be paired with full bodied red wines or fortified wines, this one can marry very well with white wines like Pinot Gris and Riesling. But to have a little of Normandy expérience where this cheese comes from,  at the end of a meal , its perfect matches to try are a Pommeau or a Poiré. For alcohol free options, I would recommend a Pear Juice or a Green Tea.                                                                  Pont l'Évêque has its origin from the 12th Century, when it is believed to have been created by monks. Referred to as Angelot, or Angelot Cheese, it was used sometimes to pay tax! (The Angelot appelation came from an English coin of the time 'the Angel', when the Dukes of Normandy were also the Kings of England). Let's just say that this cheese which scent reminds of hay and stables have been around and valued since Medieval times.

             Made from the milk of Normandy dairy cows which graze on green pastures of a particular designated area of Normandy, the Pont l'Évêque is a cheese of Appelation of Origins Protected.

           It is truly delicious and one of my favourite Cheeses.                                                                                                            

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