A Selection of Confectionery

I will start that my Man is a Sweet Tooth through and through and when he heard that there was a lack of drivers, that supermarkets shelves were empty and more empty and so on, when a lot of people were hoarding toilet paper, he did his own panic buying and this lot turned up at the door, and I could have rolled my eyes up to the sky when I opened the Amazon parcel for it was just plenty of Chocolate Bars of all kind...

Chocolate Bars.JPG

So I dare say that Chocolate is a must have in this house, but also as a Baking ingredient.

However one must be conscious of the Chocolate industry and how a Cocoa Bean is transformed into the Chocolate that we do love. In ecologic terms it includes deforestation and in human right terms it involves child labour. But those issues have been addressed and are changing slowly but surely. See the link below.

Forbes Press Articles about Chocolate.

The sustainability of Chocolate is an issue to improve how Cocoa beans are provided. It does need to comply to be fair: No deforestation, and no children labour. I would add proper incomes for all who work in the Chocolate industry, from dealing with Cocoa Beans to the confection of Chocolate by hard workers in an industrial scale.


 Cocoa Beans

To please Children in your own street you can always do a Chocolate Rocky Road for Halloween. This is a known fact that Chocolate is a crowd pleaser and I have yet to meet someone who truly dislike Chocolate by taste.

Rocky Road Slab.jpg

Home Made Chocolate Rocky Road Slab. It is full of indulgent goodness.

Confectionery of course is not all about Chocolate and a simple Rocky Road. It can be very intricate and extremelly refined. However I must only admit that Confectionary is not a venture well trodden for myself but that I will explore it even if it might turn up to be a Rocky Road at the end of the day...

Rocky Roads for Halloween.jpg

 Rocky Roads ready for the Kids on Halloween night.



A Selection of Chocolate Ingredients