About Growing Summer Squashes

It feels like each season has its own Squash. Of course it is not so. However there are the Summer Squashes. Most of them are the Courgettes or also called Zucchini either Green or Yellow. They are not hard to grow whatsoever. Hence you can end up with the notorious 'Glut of Courgettes' when you have more courgettes than mouths to feed. But this can jog the braincells to find recipes to deal with the Summer Squashes' Glut.

Chopped Courgettes.JPG

Chopped Courgettes ready to be used to do a chunky Ratatouille.

The Green Courgette is such a summery Ingredient. It is a vegetable which goes well with either Fish or Meat. Myself I would use Courgettes mainly with White Meat: Poultry and/or Pork, but I will add to that Lamb. Courgettes make a perfect side but also a perfect Starter or Snack. A Courgette, chopped into sticks, then battered and fried can do a lovely snack to start a summery evening Cocktail.

Courgettes as I said are fairly easy to grow, however I will add that they do require space and some structure to support their weight away from the ground to avoid them either rotting or being attacked by slugs. Providing that will ensure a good harvest of Summer Squashes.

A Growing Squash.jpg

 A growing Yellow Squash.

Something which must not be discarded as well is the flower of a Squash. For it is perfectly edible and quite a delicacy. It could be fried, battered, stuffed, but the flower of a Squash is a keep. Using the flower also prevent the over glut which can occur later in the season.

Courgette Flower in full gear.jpg

Courgette Flower.

There are many kind of Summer Squashes to try to grow. Being rather an amateur gardener, I was succesful with the common Green Courgette. The Yellow Courgette wasn't a problem to grow either. I did find the taste maybe a little more subtle than the Green variety but that is it. However one can only admit that the yellow of that variety of Courgette brings some sunshine to a plate.


Yellow Courgettes.

I will add that Courgettes are perfect for grilling or griddling. They are quite a show stopper upon a plate with grilled marks upon them. But there is another way when a Courgette can be an Ingredient of choice and this is upon a Skewer during a BBQ. The fact is that a Courgette does hold itself well upon a Skewer which means that it is perfect to use in that manner.


Chicken and Courgette Skewers.

From Summer Squashes to Mid Season ones, I can't help but mentionning the Marrow which could be qualifying as an oversized Courgette. When growing them support is definitely needed. However the maintenance and care is very similar. The Marrow has a reputation which is more like the one of a Pauper's Squash. However  I enjoy it even more so. When the cold days are coming, stuffed Marrows are upon my table. It is comfort food, simply comfort food.


One of our growing Marrows.

I will conclude that growing Summer Squashes is easy but also very rewarding. But make sure that the Squash is above ground level to prevent it to rot and to be able to enjoy it.


Home Made and Grown stuffed Marrow: Comfort Food at the end of a Summer.