About Sunflowers

There is something joyful about watching Sunflowers growing. Year after year, we are growing Sunflowers in the garden. We tend to go for unusual colours: Chocolate, Ruby, Lime. However because we do feed our Birds we do get the Stray Sunflowers. Those are usually multiheaded but of a conventional colouring. Whereever they decide to grow, I always leave those Sunflowers to be. They are not part of the gardening plan, however they are useful for the Birds and the Bees.

Our Stray Sunflowers.jpg

The Stray Sunflowers amongst our Chilli plants.

The Stray Sunflowers usually are the result of the grains and seeds we feed to the birds which can grow instead of being eaten. I usually call them the happy mistakes. Somehow I really enjoy seeing them popping up randomly. But as Sunflowers are great to attract pollinators in a Garden, they are most welcomed. In a bed of Chillies, Peppers, Tomatoes, they can be crucial to bring about a good crop of Veg.

Sunflowers under the sky.jpg

Multiheaded Sunflower.

The fact is even the most common Sunflower is like a burst of sunshine in the Garden. In my point of view it would be criminal to remove Sunflowers because they don't fit this year's colour scheme. If it is yellow then let it be so. However I do enjoy as well Sunflowers purchased for a particular colour. It does provide something a little different.

Sunflower Black Magic.jpg

Sunflower Black Magic.

A little like a Dalhia, Sunflowers have that WOW factor. Yes they are on the large size but I would easily classify them as statement flowers as much as very useful ones. Sunflower Seeds are good for animals but can also be used in the Kitchen. 


Ruby glow Sunflower.

The Seeds can be kept to be used in the Garden for the following year. They can also be part of a nutritious Salad. Another use is within a Bake or a Bread. Whatever the use it would be a crying shame to discard a Sunflower Seed. 


Ruby Chocolate Sunflower.

I love going for unusual colours when I get Sunflowers however I must confess to have an equal pleasure in seeing a Sunflower whatever colour it is. But I do enjoy trying to get a contrast between Sunflowers: Dark and Bright. One of my favourite Sunflowers is one called Limelight. It is absolutely gorgeous.

NHS Sunflower.jpg

Limelight Sunflower.

Sunflowers are fairly easy to grow so much so that they can be self seeding in your Garden but whenever it does occur, I see it as a blessing rather than anything else.