About Hellebores

A few years ago, probably 5 or 7 now (2022 is the year as I write), I had a plan and still have to present a large planter in front of the house full of Flowers. Back in the days, I did create the pot in question with Hellebores.

I heard of Hellebores on the BBC program Gardener's World presented by Monty Don and loved the look of the Flowers. Another factor which I thought would be practical was that they were said to be low maintenance.

A few days after watching that program, I found an advertisement in a Gardening Magazine offering at a discount price a trio of three Hellebores: a Black one, a Red (burgundy) one and a White one speckled with red. To be honest it was a non brainer for me, I went for the offer. To this day I do not regret it.

Hellebore podding 2022.JPG

  One of my Hellebores having pods, (May 2022).

The three Hellebores are doing so well that they are flowering almost all year round. They are still in the same large planter but they do now need to be repotted but also separated in the three different varieties independantly: A large pot for each.

Hellebore 2019 gallore.JPG

All of the Hellebores together. To re-pot is necessary for them to not be pot bond and to allow the Plants to grow further.

Initially it was nice to have every plant together however now they do need space. As most of them are seeding, it will give us an opportunity to multiply them as well. But also to see if we could have varients between the Black and Red, The Red and White, the White and Black will be very interesting as an experiment/project. (Although I am not a Mendel in any shape or form).

Black Hellebore 1.JPG

The Black Hellebore is really a dark Purple one which is very stunning and elegant.

Hellebores are easy to look after. I would say to find them the right spot in the Garden could do the trick. It is a survivor Plant. Sometimes when I am unwell they go without watering for days, still I will see Flowers upon them when I can walk better to venture to the Garden.

Pink Hellebore 1.JPG

One of our Pink Hellebores. It mutated between the dark Pink one and the Red speckled White  one. It did happen in an uncontrolled manner, but that Flower made us want to do experiments with our trio and now hybrides.