About Fuchsias

There is always something that I like about Fuchsia, I can't pin point why apart that they do look little Ballerinas up in the air sometimes twirling in the wind or sometimes hanging pretty with their lovely Tutu skirts.

My very first Fuchsia sight was in France in one of the next street garden, I said I like that flower and my Mum dismissed the statement with that they were vulgar and that it was almost like liking a Barbie girl. Of course the colour of the flower was a bright pink like the one of a Barbie doll dress. The doll was slightly on the expensive side at that time so I didn't spoke about the matter any further.

However one day near Harrow, having just five pounds in my pocket, coming back from work, and needing to buy some glue for a broken thing of mine, I went to a B&Q. They had a sale on, of plants which they did believe would never make it. The plants looked very bad but only cost pennies. I did fill my boots out of my fiver after the glue. I came home with a Fuchsia, an African Violet and a Spider Plant. But they needed TLC, big bad time TLC. 


 The little White African Violet in my last home about a decade ago.

Growing Spider Plant Edited.JPG

If I gave my little Violet to the Romanian Lady which had like me to move house on the whim of a dodgy landlord, I kept my Spider plant. Ever since it did offshoots and many new plants. Two of those were given to my new neighbours, Pearl across the road who love plants and Stan next door who has a green finger.

As for the Fuchsia, it was the start of almost a good collection over the years. It kept growing. However a bad Winter decimated my lot and I have to start all over again. We will see what we will get. I tend to grow my Fuchsias in hanging baskets. It is very dashingly pretty but it must be protected during cold weather.

Carmel Blue Fuschia in their Basket.jpg

Carmel Blue Fuchsia in my Garden. Absolutely pretty.

One thing I absolutely do like is that not only they are graceful but Fuchsia are also very colourful. Their range of colours is very varied. Their shapes likewise are varied fron single flowers to double petals and sepals.